Andi Gladwin Analysis + Training

So far, we’ve handed you two of the keys to becoming a great magician—innovation and explanation.

However, the third and final key we’ll show you today is THE secret to putting it all together.

You can do everything else, but if you don’t do THIS, you’re unlikely to ever become a great magician.

What’s the secret?

Well, when we recently interviewed Andi Gladwin, we decided to ‘cut’ a 5 minute block from the main podcast.

This material didn’t air—and nobody’s ever heard it.

But we decided to release it today, because it’s a perfect example of the third secret to becoming a great magician.

At the link below, you’ll be able to listen to the complete ‘exclusive’ with Andi—along with our analysis of why what he said was so important to understand.

This is the most powerful secret we can share with you…

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