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Here you’ll be able to access all the products you purchase from The Daily Magician going forwards. We’re also working to move existing products into this dashboard, so in time you’ll be able to access all your previous purchases from this dashboard too. 

Thanks for being a customer! As a ‘thank you’ for supporting our work, here’s a special code you can use to get 20% off ANY of the below products if you don’t already own them yet. 


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Forcing by Telepathy

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Below is a list of our products. Products you have access to will have a button that says ‘Click Here’. Products that you don’t currently own but are available to buy have a ‘Buy Here’ button. 

If you’re interested in any product that isn’t currently for sale, please reach out to support@thedailymagician.

The Dolphin Shuffle

Second Deal Behind The Scenes

The Skyscraper Method

Memorized Deck Starter Pack

The Inner Circle Membership (ARCHIVE)

Base by Ollie Mealing and The Daily Magician

False Shuffle Video – Behind The Scenes

The Witch Hand Project


Linen Coin by Zee

138 Classic Effects

Zee Yan’s ‘Ultimate Pass’

The Kaleidoscope Project

The Silk Switch

Forcing by Telepathy