Dealing with HATERS

A few weeks ago we recorded a podcast with Rory Adams. 

Rory Adams has helped write and produce multiple magic TV shows (including Magic for Humans on Netflix.) 

He’s also worked with huge names in the industry including Neil Patrick Harris, Dynamo, Jeff Newman and more…

Plus he wrote a best-selling magic book that goes by the name of ‘Only Ideas.

Pretty much – the guy knows magic. 

During our podcast we started discussing a segment that had to be cut from the ears of the general public, but we’re happy to share in our intimate backroom. 

In this segment we discuss some of the craziest stories we have about magic ‘haters’ and what it’s like to hang out with some of the biggest names in magic…

(such as Dynamo…) 

There’s no method or theory in this segment, but I think you’ll find the stories both shocking and hilarious and hopefully help you with dealing with your own haters. 

Listen here: 

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