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Latest Video: 100 Hours On The Second Deal

Here’s everything included in the video above:

 1. The Effects (26 minutes runtime)

While we were shooting the YouTube video, we stumbled on a way to use the second deal that we instantly fell in love with.

DISCLAIMER: These effects are new creations and are not ‘polished’ or widely tested. Once they are, we may release them as standalone effects—but you’ll get lifetime access to them immediately in this behind the scenes project.

Here are all the cards the first effect will work with: 


2H, 2S

3C, 3D

4S, 4D

5H, 5S

6C, 6D

7S, 7H

8H, 8S

9C, 9D

10C, 10S




2. The Deals (19 minutes runtime)

We hope we already made this abundantly clear, but we are NOT sleight of hand experts.

However, if you want to see a breakdown of how we approach this move, we shot a 20 minute explanation exposing the ‘nitty gritty’ of our techniques. 

3. Our Thoughts (20 minutes runtime)

In this informal interview, we discuss:

– Our journey learning the second deal (we go into MUCH more detail than we could in the YouTube video)

– The hardest second deal technique (we were surprised by how much easier one technique was than the other)

– The strengths and weaknesses of our deals (and exactly how we plan to improve)

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We Visit Tannen's Magic Shop

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