Roberto Giobbi’s ‘beef’ with Royal Road

When we had Roberto Giobbi, author of Card College, on our podcast, we decided to ask him…


“Which books have influenced your magic the most?”


His answer surprised us.


However, we decided NOT to air it on the main podcast.


Instead, we added it to our ‘backroom’ audio training collection.


In this exclusive tape, you’ll discover…


  • What the author of Card College has to say on ‘The Royal Road to Card Magic’ (his answer might shock you)
  • What Giobbi has learned from his library of over 3,500 titles in 17 languages and 30 YARDS of magazines.
  • Why Card College is both the ‘primary school’ and ‘high school’ of magic learning.
  • Why not knowing how to describe your little finger can lead you to NEVER performing a good pinky count
  • What Roberto Giobbi considers to be stinky ‘BULL****’


Click here to listen: 

(this is a really fun one…)

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