A secret hidden for over a hundred years...

"How this moth-eaten magic book from 1909 still fools magicians today…"

"How this moth-eaten magic book from 1909 still fools magicians today…"

I've kept this secret from my fellow magicians for over five 5 years...but now I'm giving it YOU for free.

“You have a bright future!”

– Aaron Fisher (author of The Paper Engine and world-renowned magician.)

“Benji is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known!”

– Adam Grace (co-founder of the world-famous Conjuror Community magic club.)

Dear friend, 

Have you ever ‘stumbled’ on a shocking secret by complete accident?

What I’m about to share with you sounds bizarre, but it really happened…

Let me set the scene:

As a kid, I would get guitar lessons with a music teacher who also happened to be a ‘hobbyist’ bookseller.

He was a great guy, but he had one problem…

The shop was a complete and utter MESS!

See, he would go out one week and buy what felt like HUNDREDS of books—all used, old, and immediately placed in a pile in the middle of the shop. 

But fortunately for us, that turned out to be a good thing…

Because one day he said to me:

“Benji, you like magic, right? Well, I was collecting books the other week…and i found THIS…”

What he handed me changed my magic forever. 

See, it didn’t look like much at the time. 

Just a ragged, dusty, and moth-eaten book from 1909 called ‘The Art of Modern Conjuring.’

And I’ll be honest:

When I first started reading, most of the stuff in there felt a little ‘outdated’ or ‘antique.’

I wasn’t really expecting much…

…until I turned to page 34. 

With cards in hand, I eagerly tried out the principle tucked away on this page. 

Boy, was I in for a surprise…

…the effect I discovered turned out to be my favorite EVER!

I used it for years before I even BEGAN to understand just how powerful it is. 

That’s because it:

  • Is so powerful, you might just fool yourself (in fact, for the first few years of performing this, I had no idea how it worked—and it really felt like magic!) 

  • Works completely ‘hands-off’ (your spectator can handle the cards the whole time!)

  • Is laughably easy (but still hits harder than many of the so-called ‘advanced’ routines)

  • Literally lets you implant ‘false memories’ in your audience (this is about as close as you can get to ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ in real life)

  • Draws on devious Juan Tamariz subtleties (that make the whole thing feel so ‘fair’ when it’s really anything but)

  • Is a masterclass in using ‘verbal misdirection’ 

  • Uses a presentation that makes it feel like the spectator has complete control (when really, they don’t—it’s a ‘hol lot of fun to play with) 

  • Works over video call perfectly (i usually hate ‘zoom magic’, but this is the exception)

Now, you might be wondering (and rightly so) what this effect is…

I call it ‘Squared’, and it’s been my ‘pet secret’ for 5 years. 

It’s also potentially the most valuable thing I can give you as a new subscriber to The Daily Magician. 

Which is why—for the next 48 hours—you have the chance to grab the full method (filmed and typed up by yours truly) at NO COST to you.

You got that right, absolutely, no cost to you!

Now, I’ve never seen this book discussed anywhere else. Meaning, as far as I know, this method ‘flew under the radar’ of most magicians. 

Which makes me feel pretty lucky. 

And, if you hit the link below, you can join me:

(NOTE: This is the only page on the whole wide web where you’ll find this offer. Otherwise you’d be coughing up hard cash like everyone else.)