Star wars alien magic lessons

Okay, so let’s be real – if we’re magic fans, we’re usually geeks of some kind. 

Personally, we’re both big fans of Star Wars and while the new movies can be a divisive a topic as politics, we really enjoyed one movie in particular: 

Solo: A Star Wars Story’ 

Now anyone that’s a Star Wars geek will instantly be able to tell you how Han Solo won his spaceship the Millenium Falcon…

…during the card game ‘sabacc’ played against Lando Calrissian. 

Now here’s something you might not have known, one of the aliens playing at the card table, see the picture below:

Known as ‘Saucer-Head’ was played by none other than our friend and magician Steven Bridges in the movie!!! 

All that to say – Steven Bridges is a magician with chops who’s done everything from grueling everyday street magic, to performing and consulting for a Star Wars movie. 

We speak with him each and every week, and we’ve become good friends. 

Click here to listen to some of the things we’ve learned from him: 

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