How to perform the most powerful effects in magic without spending 40 years chained to the card table—through our seven-day ‘Skyscraper Method'

How to perform the most powerful effects in magic without spending 40 years chained to the card table—through our seven-day ‘Skyscraper Method'

If you have just 7 days, then I can show you exactly how the world’s most respected (and successful) magicians use a secret ‘system’ to perform impossible magic effortlessly—and how you can do the same...
If you have just 7 days, then I can show you exactly how the world’s most respected (and successful) magicians use a secret ‘system’ to perform impossible magic effortlessly—and how you can do the same...

“When The Daily Magician team and I recently had a magic jam session together, the effects they showed me explained in the Skyscraper Method left me amazed.”

– Danny Goldsmith (the most exciting, and skilled, coin magician in the world right now.)

“You have a bright future!” – 

Aaron Fisher (author of The Paper Engine and world-renowned magician.)

Benji is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known! The site looks great and the material looks even better!” 

Adam Grace (Co-founder of the world-famous Conjuror Community magic club.)

“Very interesting. I’ve never seen anything even close to this in print.” 

– Andy Choy (ex-CEO of Las Vegas Casino)

“I am not finished yet, but I already learned more about the memorized deck then in the last 5 years. 

I now realize how easy it can be if using this method to learn a stack. I always thought you need to study for weeks. Two cool guys just changing the way you see card tricks. And casually opening a new dimension to magic.” 


“For me this was the missing link. I have tried a lot of ways to learn the Redford stack. From Memory Arts to Mnemonica Trainer. The sky scraper method just worked for me. 

Now I have a powerful tool that doesn’t take up any extra pocket space that helps me perform real magic.”

 Randy H. 

Dear friend,

I was 17 years old when I realized I hated magic.

I remember the ‘moment’ like it was yesterday:

There I was, slumped on the couch, cards in hand…utterly humiliated.

See, I’d failed an effect.


To anyone else, it wasn’t a big deal.

“Just a card trick, right?”

Right. Except…

I’d poured years into drilling my sleight of hand. I’d bought what felt like every magic product under the sun. I’d trawled through book after book (after book) searching for ‘the one’.

(While most of my friends were playing video games, I was sitting in my room, shuffling cards.)

I’d sacrificed.

And, after all of the blood, sweat and tears (and money), I felt like I simply HAD to make this magic thing work.

Because if I didn’t…

…what was it all for??

But sitting there, on that couch, I was beginning to realize the uncomfortable truth:

I had started to hate magic.

Now, I didn’t hate magic itself.

What I hated was performing magic—and failing.

And what REALLY ‘ground my gears’ wasn’t the individual failures (although, let’s be honest, they sucked too).

Just knowing that I COULD fail, at any moment, made performing a nightmare.

(even when everything went well!)

To me, it was terrifying.

And, as far as I could tell, there was no solution.

No book I could buy. No lesson I could learn. Nothing. Nada.

The ONLY ‘way out’ I could imagine was practicing for so long that it would be practically physically impossible for me to fail.

If I really wanted to hone my skills to the point where failure didn’t even register on my radar, I’d need to practically chain myself to the card table for decades.

But, truth be told…

…I wasn’t ready for that!

(Really, I don’t think that’s a ‘controversial’ idea. I know many magicians that are busy folk, who only have a small amount of time to practice each day. For them, spending 40 years at the card table is simply impossible!)

So I simply put the cards down, and stopped performing.

Now, fortunately for both of us, the story doesn’t end there…

In fact, fast forward a few years, and I’ve never been more excited and enthused about magic.

I talk about magic at every chance I get (although, you already know this by now…)

I perform at every chance I get. And the effects I perform are, in my humble opinion, some of the most powerful things you can do with a deck of cards.

And best of all…I NEVER worry about ‘failure.’

What changed??

I can trace it all back to ONE day.

See, even though I stopped performing, I never truly ‘left’ magic. Instead, I was lucky enough to work with world-class magicians Aaron Fisher and Adam Grace in running the Conjuror Community online magic club.

(I wasn’t ready to perform, but I was pretty darn good at the ‘behind the scenes’ work.)

Then something happened that changed everything…

I was visiting Aaron during a trip to the US, and we started ‘jamming’ magic.

After a little while, Aaron decided to do his absolute level best to stomp me into the ground with sheer amazement.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll happily say it again:

I’ve never been fooled so hard in my life.

But what really blew my mind was what Aaron shared with me AFTER all of the incredible effects…

He told me that I should study the ‘memorized deck’—the method behind many of the routines he performed. 

At first, I didn’t realize just how big of a deal that was.

Out of ALL the material in Aaron’s extensive repertoire (thousands of effects) he chose to perform using a memorized deck. 

That ought to tell you something…

Anyway, once Aaron had given me this advice—I became obsessed.

The memorized deck, as Aaron described it, sounded VERY promising:

Performing the most powerful effects in magic, without using advanced sleight of hand—the memorized deck seemed like the perfect answer to the dilemma I’d been facing for so long:

“Is there a way I can perform astonishing magic without spending my life in a basement shuffling cards?”

It seemed like the answer was a resounding ‘yes!’

But it would be reasonable to assume that there must be SOME hidden drawback to working with a stack.

Surely there’s some kind of ‘tradeoff?’

You might expect that the more I dug into the memorized deck, the more flaws I would eventually discover.

I was astonished—but delighted—to discover that the OPPOSITE was true!

In fact, the more I learned about the memorized deck, the more convinced I became that this tool really is the key to unlocking the most powerful effects in magic, without spending your life at the card table.   

In fact, using a memorized deck is practically guaranteed to instantly strengthen your performances.


Since a memorized deck is simply a regular deck of cards in a memorized order, you can still do EVERYTHING you could previously!

(you don’t ‘lose’ anything)

So, when you perform with a memorized deck…you have nothing to lose!

In other words…

…you can ONLY win!

Over time, the more experience I got performing with the memorized deck, the more I realized another HUGE benefit:

When handled correctly, it’s almost impossible to ‘fail’ using a memorized deck!

Once I realized this, I suddenly became VERY excited to start performing again…

Now, I know for a fact there are other magicians like me out there.

Magicians that want to be performing the most powerful magic possible, but:

  • Simply don’t have the budget to buy every new product that comes along
  • Don’t have the time to read 1000+ page books just to find ONE usable effect
  • Are ‘late to the game’ and wish they’d got started younger
  • Don’t want to spend 40 years chained to the card table
  • Are too busy with their work to devote the time to magic they’d like to
  • Don’t perform out of fear of messing up

I think the memorized deck is the key to getting everything you want out of magic, and solving ALL the above problems. 

In fact, during my study and exploration—after spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars—I stumbled upon a whole new way of looking at the memorized deck that makes it extraordinarily simple to do so.

These ‘frameworks’ became the core of my Skyscraper Methodology.

I decided to share these same frameworks with Jacob, and we recorded the whole thing.

The result is the course you’re looking at right now…

Praise for The Daily Magician -

Benji is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known! The site looks great and the material looks even better!” – 

Adam Grace (Co-founder of the world-famous Conjuror Community magic club.)

“You have a bright future!” – 

Aaron Fisher (author of The Paper Engine and world-renowned magician.)

“When The Daily Magician team and I recently had a magic jam session together, the effects they showed me explained in the Skyscraper Method left me amazed.” – 

Danny Goldsmith (the most exciting, and skilled, coin magician in the world right now.)

Praise for The Skyscraper Method -

“The whole idea, is great. The consecutive course structure makes it really easy to follow. I am not finished yet, but I already learned more about the memorized deck then in the last 5 years. The teaching style is also very casual and even not being a native speaker I understand everything.

I now realize how easy it can be if using this method to learn a stack. I always thought you need to study for weeks. Two cool guys just changing the way you see card tricks. And casually opening a new dimension to magic.” – 


“For me this was the missing link. I have tried a lot of ways to learn the Redford stack. From Memory Arts to Mnemonica Trainer. The sky scraper method just worked for me. It just gave me the tools to learn in the stack in small simple steps. These small steps kept me motivated. It’s the little things that make the big difference.

Now I have a powerful tool that doesn’t take up any extra pocket space that helps me perform real magic.

The explanations and examples about the stack mechanics are great. With a simple trick like ‘squared’ you can start playing with the mechanics without learning a stack. I am really enthusiastic about this and the material is really good.”  

Randy H

“The Babylon Secret amazed me. IT’S WORTH YOUR WHILE.” – 

Satin Draven

“I like having the writing complementing the video teaching style. Having two or three tabs opened to look at the teaching from a different angle does help. I am still early in the course, but I do like having the thought processes explained!” – 


“I really enjoyed the thoughts about approaching the memorized deck and also the tips on how to work the mem deck into my current repertoire. I learned how to come up with ideas with the memorized deck and fit my existing routines with the memorized deck!” – 

Benjamin Wongyonze

I love the ease of the method and all the stuff you guys put along with it. Thanks for this because I tried the Memory arts but didn’t really get too far. Now it’s so much easier. You guys are awesome! – 

Filip S.

“I am really enjoying your process…thanks for the incredible work you put in!” – 

Glen Macken

“The overall structure of the training and the insights provided have been invaluable. I’m a big fan of memorized deck work and the applications covered in this program are excellent.” –

“I have loved learning all the tricks. There have been various skill levels that I can start on and continue to build up to. I’ve learned new ways to think about the memorized deck. There’s not just one way to apply it to tricks, that there are properties that go well beyond what card is where.” – 


“I was surprised how much I retained in such a short time. The memorized deck is such a powerful and INVISIBLE tool that is angle proof!!” – 

Praise for The Final Countdown (the 'finale' of the course) -

“Very interesting. I’ve never seen anything even close to this in print.” – 

Andy Choy

“Thanks so much for sharing your findings!” – 

Tim Heinlein 

Just finished reading the whole thing. WOW — you must have been spending so much time on it. Absolutely fantastic. This really makes me VERY EXCITED. This will be a fun piece for ALL mem deck users in the magic community…I think Simon Aronson would be proud!” – 

Arthur Poon

“Wow, this is fantastic! Combining […] is genius. Knowing that this is going to be the beginning of something bigger is fantastic! This shows once again how the right person can make something good even better.” – 

Jordi Thys

“I’m genuinely impressed you were able to find this!” – 

Chris Grossack

“Very clever. As you said, if you’re at a convention and […] it would be a real killer of an effect.” – 

Jim Turnpaugh

Wow, this is a seriously cool idea!” – 

Marco V 

“Dude! This almost makes me wonder if they made this together as an Easter egg. Really amazing.” – 

Randy Shirley

“I gotta say…. that is really impressive. That must’ve taken so much time to figure out. Really great stuff here.” – 

Kevin Gao

Here’s what you need to do next:


First, click any one of the buttons that say ‘Secure Your Spot.’

Fill out the order form on the page.

I’ll send you an email in 5-10 minutes explaining everything you need to know.

If you secure your spot before registration closes, here’s what you’ll get…

Module 1: The Babylon Secret—my personal method for memorizing ANY deck without going crazy ‘brute forcing’ cards into your mind.

(we want you to know that we ‘walk the walk’—which is why we had Jacob memorize a deck of cards LIVE on camera using this very method) 

Module 2: The Square Circle—a system for discovering the best effects in magic, plus a variety of original routines and tricks from yours truly. 

(including a revolutionary ‘spin’ on the classic Any Card at Any Number that is a LOT of fun to perform)

Module 3: Greasing the Hinges—all of my devious deceptions, tips and techniques for ‘disguising’ your memorized deck until it’s invisible. Oh, and a bunch more original effects. 

(including a variation on the classic ‘Histed Heisted’ that stacks the deck in front of the audience!)

Module 4: The Steel Skeleton—a whopping four hour ‘deep dive’ into card magic’s most underrated move, featuring another range of original effects that play on ideas from Marlo, Tamariz and Vernon (not a bad lineup, all things considered.)

(and my original method for performing a perfect faro every time, without worrying about ‘skill’—for anyone that’s struggled with a ‘faro’ before, this should be a game changer) 

Module 5: The 20th Floor—an exploration of some truly innovative memorized deck principles, and my own original effects based on those ideas. 

(Pit Hartling, a man Juan Tamariz has called  was gracious enough to let me discuss a concept from him and Denis Behr that he’s only ever shared in his own books) 

Module 6: The Ghost Protocol—a masterclass on creating your own routines with a memorized deck, and how to adapt the ‘classics’ of magic to the memorized deck. 

(including over TEN methods for secretly communicating the identity of a freely chosen card to a friend—some are borderline crazy, but I’ll guarantee you’ve never thought about these before)

Module 7: Unlocking Your Horizon—this stuff is so crazy, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I will tell you that it features an effect called ‘The Final Countdown’, that features an idea I’ve NEVER seen explored before, and has been receiving the highest praise from some of the world’s best memorized deck users.

BONUS 1: The Skyscraper Method—the book.

Weighing in at over 100,000 words, this digitally delivered write-up explores the ideas from each Module in even MORE depth, and contains ideas and tips that aren’t present in the Live Sessions.

If you’re reading this, you know I spend a LOT of time writing about magic—and I made sure that this work is the best I’ve ever put in print.  

It’s all yours—free—when you join the Skyscraper Method.

BONUS 2: 30 days of our Inner Circle

Here’s an exciting one…

If you join the Skyscraper Method before we reach the deadline for registration, you’re going to get exclusive ‘VIP’ access to our brand new Inner Circle. 

As a member of the Inner Circle, you’ll receive exclusive new effects, ideas and exclusive audio training each week—straight from our creative ‘lab.’ In fact, you’ll enjoy another 7 effects from our Inner Circle archive instantly! 

This isn’t a ‘trial’—this is all totally free. (there’s no credit card required.)

And it’s all yours for the taking if you secure your registration before the deadline!

BONUS 3: 1-1 Coaching Call.

You’ll also get the chance to hop on a call with Jacob and I to discuss, at length, all the concepts we go over in the course. We’ll be able to share stuff with you that no one else will hear—and it’s all free for you.   

That’s a quick overview of the course, but really, it’s only ‘scratching the surface’ of what we put together for you. Read on to discover all the juicy details, along with the series of mind-boggling bonuses we’ve lined up for you…

Module 1: How To Memorize A Deck In Record Speed Using The ‘Babylon Secret!’

In this module, you'll discover:

  • The 3 questions most beginners ask that are not only WRONG but also downright dangerous (if you really want to ‘get’ this stuff)
  • How to become a world-class magician by being lazy 
  • How to unlock magic you didn’t even realize was possible—all by leveraging ONE thing that every magician possesses (no, not your hands!)
  • How to ‘shortcut’ 40 years of practice (sleight of hand addicts will hate me for this, but it works…so who cares?)
  • Why the memorized deck is the best ‘return on investment’ in all of magic (I wish I’d known this sooner)
  • Why ‘sleight of hand’ is meaningless (and what to focus on instead)
  • How to make every effect you currently perform…instantly stronger!
  • The two sentence summary of memorized deck magic (it’s simple, but opens up endless possibilities!)
  • The 5 often overlooked benefits to using a memorized deck (#3 was a game-changer for me)
  • The ‘toothpaste’ advantage to working with a memorized deck (that allows you to improve your magic faster AND easier than regular card magic)
  • An embarrassing story from our ‘early days’ in magic (nothing about the memorized deck here, but I suspect you’ll find it amusing)
  • The ‘maths’ behind innovation (don’t worry, there’s no ACTUAL maths involved)
  • The ‘blue ocean’ secret to standing out in card magic
  • How to memorize any stack you want in 20 minutes or less
  • The stack I personally recommend (and why this advice is stupid anyway)
  • The undisputed ‘Giants’ of memorized deck magic
  • The best memorized deck book I’ve ever read (scratch that—this is one of the best BOOKS I’ve ever read, period.)
  • The strange similarity between the memorized deck and skyscrapers
  • The ONE thing most people get wrong when trying to memorize a deck
  • The ‘Babylon Secret’ (hands down the easiest and best way to memorize a deck)
  • Why being lazy actually HELPED me memorize a deck
  • The hardest part about memorizing a deck (but don’t worry…we already did this part for you!)
  • Why the Rafael Nadal ‘butt scratch’ is essential to our memorization
  • How Pit Hartling’s ‘flicking fingers’ helped Jacob memorize a deck (the answer is probably not what you think)
  • How Derren Brown and a furry raccoon is the secret to memorizing a deck QUICKLY and EASILY
  • A mind-bogglingly stupid comment I saw featured on a popular memory trainer product (I won’t name names, but you’ve undoubtedly heard of it)
  • How to ‘tap into’ the chemical wiring of your brain to ensure you never forget the stack (your brain is already ‘primed’ to do this, believe it or not!)
  • What this process looks like in action (watch as Jacob memorizes a deck LIVE on camera—something I’ve never seen other memory trainer products do…)
  • The ‘happy birthday’ principle (a tip shared with me by the legendary Aaron Fisher that changed the way I look at the memorized deck)

Module 2: How To Discover The BEST Effects In Magic Using 'The Square Circle'

In this module, you'll discover...

  • A video from the 23rd March 1960 with just over 3000 views that teaches you more about memorized deck magic in 30 minutes than most of the magic books put together
  • The real secret to getting a stack ‘nailed down’ in your long term memory (so easy, you can do it in less than 10 minutes a day—if you know how…)
  • The ‘Square Circle’ that underpins the BEST memorized deck magic (and intuitively ‘grasped’ by the world’s best magicians)
  • The ‘embarrassing’ photo that reveals exactly how to approach a memorized deck (I didn’t want to share this…)
  • The ‘essence’ of memorized deck magic
  • The 4 ‘core’ categories of effects you can create using a memorized deck (there are others, but these are the MOST powerful)
  • The ‘Rockefeller’ principle that explains why different magicians can perform wildly different effects using the SAME techniques (and how to ‘tap into’ this knowledge to construct your own show)
  • The surprising revelation about the kind of effects you can perform with a memorized deck (that’s actually quite logical, when you stop and think about it)
  • The Burj Khalifa tactic for exploring different performance styles without stepping ‘out of bounds’ (how to combine creativity with controlled construction of effects)
  • The ‘compass points’ of the memorized deck
  • The ‘Clash of Clans’ secret to make learning a stack as easy as looting your buddy’s base 
  • The No.1 thing both Juan Tamariz and Dani DaOrtiz do to make their memorized deck magic both powerful and compelling
  • The ‘ironic’ effect that amazes audiences…even though you tell EXACTLY what you’re doing! 
  • A tip shared by Darwin Ortiz on how to think about your performances (this simple ‘switch’ makes our job so much easier)
  • An idea Tommy Wonder used to devastate audiences (shared with me by underground card star Alex Slemmer)
  • How the best memorized deck performers ‘overload’ their spectators’ system until they flat-out give up on figuring out the method 
  • The ‘perfect’ coincidence that will happen far more often than you think while using a memorized deck!
  • Jacob’s favorite style of magic (that incidentally, the memorized deck is PERFECT for)
  • How to create memorable moments in your magic performances (this idea is constantly used by the world’s most successful comedians at sold-out stage shows)
  • The ‘Rock and Roll’ secret to creating routines that make your audience FEEL like they’re seeing real magic (this is admittedly a difficult idea to ‘grasp’, but once you do—you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the best magicians of all time)
  • Why many of the best memorized deck performers DON’T perform what they ‘planned’
  • My controversial stance on whether memorized deck magic is really ‘jazz’ 
  • The 7 principles that make up nearly everything you need to perform stunning magic using a memorized deck 
  • An effect routinely praised to as the ‘single most powerful thing you can do with a deck of cards’ (by celebrated performers like Woody Aragon, Richard Osterlind, and Tamariz himself)
  • Why screwing up is actually often a REQUIREMENT with this effect (and a healthy helping of the ‘too perfect’ theory just for fun)
  • The ‘Kung Fu master’ advice shared by Juan Tamariz that sounds insane but is actually, all things considered, not a bad idea…
  • The ‘key card’ concepts on steroids (if you can just understand THIS, the power of your effects will be miles ahead of most magicians)
  • A visual representation of the memorized deck that will allow you to follow along with nearly all the effects in this course…without even memorizing a deck! (how to ‘skip’ the learning curve and go straight to the fun stuff)
  • A natural way to ‘glimpse’ a card (without calling any attention to it)
  • A subtlety used by the great Chan Canasta that makes his signature routine twice as fooling (that also gives you a perfect ‘out’ if you mess up)
  • Why having your spectators shuffle their chosen cards can actually be beneficial to the routine (and has the side benefit of making the whole thing far more fooling)
  • How to finish the effect perfectly in stack (yet have the audience FEEL like they shuffled the deck)
  • A ‘ballsy’ glimpse favored by Chan Canasta (not everyone will use this, but even i you don’t, you’ll respect the ‘cajones’)
  • Why Chan’s routine is actually MORE impressive when you know how it’s done
  • Why ‘hesitation’ can be HELPFUL in this routine
  • The ‘unfair advantage’ the memorized deck gives us 
  • Why anyone seriously interested in the memorized deck owes it to themselves to study Chan Canasta
  • How to perform the classic ‘weighing the cards’ effect (another ‘staple’ of the best memorized deck performers)

My ‘Predictably Unpredictable’ effect—that looks something like this…

Three spectators each FREELY select cards from anywhere in the deck. You turn your back as they shuffle their cards.

Then, you offer to take it one step further…

All three of the spectators ‘pool’ their cards together in one packet and shuffle the entire thing. 

Even after all of that, the instant you turn back around—you can instantly prove you know which card belongs to which spectator! 

Here’s the really great part about this effect:

  • It’s ridiculously EASY (but your spectators won’t have the faintest clue how it works)
  • You don’t need to touch the cards at any point (no sleight of hand required)
  • No glimpses required (this might throw even advanced magicians ‘off the scent’)
  • You can be far away during the effect
  • No ‘sneaky’ business (everything is VERY fair)

But that’s just one small segment. 

You’ll also discover…

  • Why this one trick alone ALREADY ‘reignited’ Jacob’s love for magic
  • Why the only thing Jacob needs to remember is Dani DaOrtiz scratching his *ss and he can perform some of the most powerful effects in magic
  • Why the ‘level 1’ of memorized deck magic is ALREADY ‘level 100’ of regular card magic (in the same way that Everest’s ‘Base Camp’ is higher than many regular mountains, just understanding these concepts already puts you head and shoulders above most magicians without spending 40 years at the card table)
  • Why there’s no ‘barrier’ to understanding the concepts that make the memorized deck so powerful (while there IS a barrier to performing advanced sleight of hand)
  • How to perform a seemingly impossible effect even after the entire deck has been shuffled!
  • 2 of my all-time favorite memorized deck performance videos (and why)

My ‘Per Capita’ effect—which looks something like this…

You give a deck of cards to the spectator, who freely shuffles it and spreads them on the table. You do the same with your cards. 

Now, you select a card ‘at random’ from your spread, and turn it face up. You ask the spectator to find that same card in THEIR spread. 

You repeat this a few times, and needless to say, an impossible coincidence follows—you reveal that they picked the EXACT right cards (out of a shuffled deck)…

This effect is actually an ‘upgrade’ on a trick discovered in a magic book from 1909 (the good news is that the ‘basic’ version is ALREADY a powerful effect)

Again, this is just one section of the training. 

You’ll also discover…

  • The ‘beautiful dichotomy’ of using a memorized deck to LOOK far more skillful than you are (the less you ACTUALLY do, the more they’re convinced you’re a whiz with the cards)

My ‘Ninja Warrior’ effect—that looks something like this...

The spectator names ANY card in the deck (a true free choice). 

You pick up a Joker and toss it face up into the deck while dribbling the cards. 

When you spread the cards, they discover that you placed the Joker EXACTLY next to their named card. 

The only explanation HAS to be uncanny skill…right?

Fortunately for us, we don’t need ‘uncanny skill’ to perform this—just a memorized deck… 🙂 

We also cover:

  • A principle pioneered by mem deck master Simon Aronson that makes demonstrations of skill like this as easy as falling off a log
  • The 2 videos that contain a masterclass in memorized deck work…even though the magician in the video isn’t even using a memorized deck!
  • Why many of the BEST memorized deck performances are almost guaranteed to happen ‘off camera’ 

My ‘Any Card At Any Dice’ effect—that looks something like this...

The spectator names ANY card. They roll some dice. You deal cards based on the numbers on the dice…and you arrive, impossibly, at THEIR named card. 

This is one of my ‘pet secrets’ that I’ve never shared with anyone before now. 

(I’ve never seen this principle discussed anywhere before)

And YES…

  • Freely chosen card
  • Zero gimmicked dice
  • No advanced sleight of hand

I’ve been fooling Jacob with this for ages, and it’s one of my favorite things to do with a memorized deck. 

(in the Live Session, I got so ‘into’ this that Jacob had to force me to stop…it’s THAT much fun)

But that’s not even the end of this module. 

We’ll also discuss…

  • How masters like Juan Tamariz use ‘ruses’ to make their mem deck effects far more fooling
  • Why I disagree with Michael Close about ‘jazzing’ (I alluded to this earlier, but get deep into it at this point)
  • How to ‘work backwards’ from the spectator to create an effect truly unique to them
  • Why the ‘secret identity’ of playing cards makes performing incredible magic laughably easy
  • And much more…

But I think that gives you an idea. Let’s move into Module 3…

Module 3: How To Use Our 'Greasing The Hinges' Tactics To Make Your Memorized Deck Invisible

In this module, you'll discover...

    • The ONE factor that’s more important than any single technique or tactic—you can do all the other stuff right, but if you don’t do this…you’re playing with fire (on the flipside, you can do everything else WRONG, but if you do this…you might just get away with it!)
    • Why a creaky elevator in Boston tells you everything you need to know about the danger of NOT making your mem deck invisible
    • How to make your memorized deck work ‘invisible’ (even to other magicians)
    • The 8 different ‘greases’ we use to make it nearly impossible to spot we’re using a stack 
    • Why it ‘pays’ to act like you don’t care (Dani DaOrtiz does this all the time, and it’s genius)
    • A single lesson most people learn in English class, but totally forget about when performing magic (that, when implemented right, can immediately elevate the power of your performance—without saying a single word!)
    • What you should NEVER do if someone asks to shuffle the deck (this one might SOUND counterintuitive, but you’ll see why it’s so essential)
    • Why you have more control over the audience’s attention than you might think (even if you don’t know the first thing about ‘misdirection’
    • Why Juan Tamariz often acts like a bumbling idiot on stage (even though his mind is razor-sharp)
    • A single sentence I once heard Michael Close say that changed the way I perform memorized deck magic (you can perform without this, but chances are you’re missing out on reactions you COULD be getting)
    • The ultimate one liner I heard Dani DaOrtiz use that is nearly guaranteed to ‘lock in’ your effect in the spectator’s mind (to the point that they’re lying awake at night, unable to sleep because they just can’t stop thinking about it)
    • A sneaky piece of ‘reverse psychology’ that works almost every time (to make them FEEL like they have a free choice…when they really don’t)
    • How to ‘estimation cut’ to any card in the deck (this isn’t as ‘shiny’ as some other magicians’ methods, but it’s a far better long-term strategy)
    • The ‘go-to’ method for glimpsing a card
    • How to perform an estimation cut AND glimpse in the SAME move
    • A tactic employed by Pit Hartling that takes all the heat off of the cards while you perform the ‘move’
    • An admittedly ‘bold’ method for estimation cuts (that may not occur to you, simply because of how simple it is)
    • The one you have to be careful of with the above method (as pointed out by Eric Mead in his Tangled Web)
    • A diabolically devious method for glimpsing a card (tipped by my buddy Adam Grace)
    • How Juan Tamariz uses psychology to convince his audiences that he’s NOT done something he blatantly HAS (a little ‘off topic’, but so valuable I think you’ll forgive me) 

My ‘Blue Herring’ routine—my homage to Ben Earl’s effect, that looks a little something like this…

The spectator cuts the deck anywhere they like. They deal cards to the table, shuffling the deck as they do so. 

Once they’ve finished, they deal cards to the table again, and wherever they stop—we discard the cards they dealt.  

(no ‘magician’s choice’ here.)

Now, they have the choice to bury the top and bottom card in the middle of the deck. 

In fact…we give them the chance to do that again!

No matter what they decide, once they finish, we know the exact card they’re thinking of. 

This effect uses an astonishingly good idea from Simon Aronson to make the whole thing both EASY and completely ‘hands off’. 

(zero sleight of hand required. No marked cards used.)

But that’s just the beginning. 

You’ll also discover…

  • How to use ‘verbal misdirection’ to make this routine as fooling as possible 
  • A variety of false shuffles (that you can ‘mix and match’ to your preferences)
  • Why some of the MOST fooling false shuffles are actually the EASIEST (don’t underestimate these—some of the best magicians of all time use them…) 
  • One of the most fooling properties of the stack 
  • WHEN you should perform certain false shuffles (if you do them at the wrong time, you’re scuppered)
  • A variation on a Tamariz false shuffle devised by Yours Truly (that uses the ‘Trampoline’ principle)
  • The secret to false shuffles that FEEL like real shuffles (no, it’s not about how they ‘look’)
  • A false shuffle that has been fooling audiences for over a hundred years (found on Pg 159 in a book we’ll be providing for you)
  • Why you don’t need to be an expert card handler to pull off fooling false shuffles
  • How to implant ‘false memories’ into your audience 
  • How to make the audience SWEAR they shuffled the deck (when really, everything was under your control the entire time)
  • How to let the spectators ‘actually’ shuffle the deck…without putting a single card out of place
  • The sneaky method Juan Tamariz uses to ‘fake you out’ and convince you there’s no way he’s using a stack 
  • The misconception shared by most spectators that lets us get away with saying THEY shuffled the deck (when really, WE did!)
  • The one thing I advise magicians to do backstage that sets them up perfectly for one of the most fooling ‘false’ shuffles possible
  • How to set up and knock down ‘false solutions’ (if you’ve read The Magic Way, you’ll know how powerful this technique is)
  • The secret of the ‘half stack’ 
  • How to take the half-stack even FURTHER (I’ve only ever seen Pit Hartling do this, but it’s devastating when done correctly)
  • A simple tip that puts the classic force on ‘easy mode’

My ‘25%’ effect—which looks something like this…

You hand cards to different spectators, who all shuffle. 

(legitimate shuffles—these cards are mixed, baby!) 

They each then freely select ONE card, and you tell them the exact card they picked!

That’s not the end of Module 3 though. 

You’ll also discover…

  • How to get back into stack after the spectator genuinely shuffles the entire deck (a tactic discovered in 1920 by one Charles T. Jordan for ‘unshuffling’ the deck that most magicians STILL don’t know about)
  • An effect first published in the Royal Road to Card magic that we can ‘level up’ using this principle (I decided to show Jacob this one too, just for the heck of it)
  • A powerful effect using this technique (the spectator picks a card and shuffles the deck…but you find the card almost instantly anyway!)

My ‘Polygraph’ effect—that happens to look like this...

The spectator shuffles the deck. They then read out cards from the deck, and they are free to ‘lie’ about the identity of the card at any point. 

Despite the fact that THEY shuffled the deck, we know EXACTLY when they’re lying—every time!

(each time you get it right, it gets more fooling!)

But that’s not the end of this module. 

We also discuss:

  • A simple but elegant deck switch (that also happens to be a powerful effect in its own right)
  • Why I’m not a big fan of deck switches (you might disagree, but I think you’ll find this interesting nonetheless…)
  • How to take a borrowed deck into your memorized order (a method first devised by Louis Nikola that still works like gangbusters today)

My ‘Histed Hoisted Foisted’ effect—based on ideas by Simon Aronson and Matt Baker, here’s what this classic looks...

The spectator just THINKS of a card as you deal through the deck. When he announces the name of his card, you reveal that it was in your pocket all along. 

But that’s just the ‘prelude’ to what’s coming…

You now hand cards to TEN different spectators, and ask each of them to think of ONE card. 

You proceed to read each mind in an entirely astonishing demonstration of mental prowess. 

And, at the end of it all…

…the deck is stacked!


That’s Module 3. 

What about Module 4?

Follow me this way…

Module 4: How to make card magic’s most deceptive (but difficult) technique EASY using the ‘Steel Skeleton’

In this module, you'll discover...

    • Why the ‘steel skeleton superstructure’ of skyscrapers is THE key to unlocking the most powerful memorized deck effects 
    • Why the best stacks are built from ‘order’ rather than ‘chaos’ (this sounds abstract, but it’s actually far more practical than you might think—and it’s the method used by the early ‘pioneers’ of the memorized deck)
    • How to open a new deck of cards and get into stack within mere minutes (and vice versa)
    • Why the faro shuffle is the most underrated tool in magic (and how to leverage the audience’s perception of a ‘shuffle’ against them)
    • Why watching TV helped me master the perfect faro (truth be told, you don’t even NEED this when you have the following…)
    • My discovery that allows you to perform a perfect faro every single time—using any deck, and without any difficulty whatsoever (and no, I’m not talking about an ‘anti faro’)
    • The one faro shuffle fact that audiences have ZERO clue about (this is so astonishing that it almost feels UNFAIR)
    • How the world’s best magicians take the above fact and ‘twist’ it to make it even more fooling
    • Juan Tamairz’ ‘Monte Carlo’ technique for justifying even the most bizarre shuffles
    • The admittedly ‘niche’ website that I recommend all mem deck users seek out (it’s totally free, and comes in VERY handy in a pinch)
    • Why creating magic out of chaos is more impressive than creating magic out of order (and how that relates to the faro shuffle)
    • The faro shuffle ‘dilemma’ (and the simple fix I devised that solves all of these problems)
    • The mistaken assumption most memorized deck performers make when trying to teach how to make the faro fooling (thankfully, my method avoids this)
    • The ‘Pg 146’ secret to maximising the power of the faro (this literally feels like ‘cheat codes’ to magic)

My ‘Squared’ effect—that I first discovered in a ragged, dusty, and moth-eaten book from 1909 called ‘The Art of Modern Conjuring.’

When I first started reading this book, most of the stuff in there felt a little ‘outdated’ or ‘antique.’

I wasn’t really expecting much…

…until I turned to page 34. 

With cards in hand, I eagerly tried out the principle tucked away.

Boy, was I in for a surprise…

…the effect I discovered turned out to be my favorite EVER. 

I used it for years before I even BEGAN to understand just how powerful it is. 

That’s because it:

  • Is so powerful, you might just fool yourself (in fact, for the first few years of performing this, I had no idea how it worked—and it really felt like magic!) 
  • Works completely ‘hands-off’ (your spectator can handle the cards the whole time!)
  • Is laughably easy (but still hits harder than many of the so-called ‘advanced’ routines)
  • Literally lets you implant ‘false memories’ in your audience (this is about as close as you can get to ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ in real life)
  • Draws on devious Juan Tamariz subtleties (that make the whole thing feel so ‘fair’ when it’s really anything but)
  • Is a masterclass in using ‘verbal misdirection’ 
  • Uses a presentation that makes it feel like the spectator has complete control (when really, they don’t—it’s a ‘hol lot of fun to play with) 
  • Works over video call perfectly (i usually hate ‘zoom magic’, but this is the exception) 
  • Is the perfect ‘training ground’ for the faro shuffle (and memorized deck work as a whole)

I thought that was it…

Then I implemented the ‘Steel Skeleton’ technique and instantly discovered an additional THIRTEEN routines, effects, and ideas. 

Packed into these 13 ideas, you’ll discover:

  • How to double the power of the basic ‘Squared’ effect with a little known secret (which, incidentally, also makes the effect feel even more ‘fair’)
  • How to perform incredible memorized deck magic using Squared (without needing to memorize anything!)
  • How to reveal a card only known in your spectator’s MIND
  • How to perform ‘Any Card At Any Number’ using the Squared principle (without using any gimmicks or stooges)
  • A stunning kicker ending for Squared using the full deck
  • How to use the Squared principle for a direct ‘Card to Pocket’ effect
  • How to perform a stunning ‘Poker deal’ using Squared (starting to see just how versatile this is?)
  • An ‘Oil and Water’ effect (even after they’re sure THEY shuffled the cards)
  • Out of this World (again, after THEY mix the cards)
  • An easy but seemingly impossible ‘card location’ (free choice, no forces)
  • How to ‘sense’ the color of cards (even when those cards are held under the table!)
  • An idea based on Juan Tamariz’ incredible ‘Total Coincidence’ (yet again, the Squared principles work with this too)
  • And that’s not even the end of my ideas…

But that's only the beginning...

But that’s just the first section of this module. 

We’ll also dive into…

  • More faro facts that take this concept to a whole new level (once you get to this point, you’re well ahead of most magicians) 
  • How my ‘Sliced Bread’ effect accidentally ‘reinvented the wheel’ and stumbled upon an idea first published by memorized deck pioneers Juan Tamariz and Luis Garcia, that lets me:

* Cut to any Four of a Kind after seemingly shuffling the deck 

* Deal any Four of a Kind in a ‘head to head’ poker game after shuffling

* Deal any Four of a Kind in a four-player game after shuffling

* Display a random-looking deck 

* Perform a mind-bending ‘Odds and Evens’ prediction routine

* Perform Triumph, ending in New Deck Order (after shuffling the deck)

* Perform Out of This World (again, after shuffling the deck)

You’ll also discover…

My ‘Los Ojos’ effect:


The cards are shuffled, the spectator cuts and deals a game of poker. You then proceed to correctly guess who has the ‘high card’ each round, after convincing the spectator what an impossible task that is. 

You’ll also get:

A series of effects inspired by Marlo’s ‘Fingertip Miracle’ that allow me to…

* Let the spectator freely choose 3 cards (in between shuffles), only for those cards to be magically—and impossibly—revealed!

* Let three spectators choose 3 cards (in between shuffles), only for the second two selections to ‘sandwich’ the first (even though none of the spectators know who has which card!)

* Place ANY named card in ANY positionby shuffling the deck.

Module 5: How To Blow The Lid Off Your Wildest Expectations Of The Memorized Deck With The ‘20th Floor’

In this module, you'll discover...

  • Why the 102 floors of the Empire State symbolize just how much ‘innovation’ is built into the memorized deck 
  • Why each time you THINK you’ve figured out ‘everything’ the memorized deck can do—you’re almost certainly wrong (don’t worry—that’s GOOD news…)  
  • The ‘deep sea’ potential of the memorized deck 
  • How ‘stacking’ the concepts we’ve discussed in previous modules can push your effects to new heights (no pun intended)
  • The Elon Musk Tweet that could potentially ruin memorized deck magic 

An intensive session on the ‘Holy Grail of Card Magic’, Any Card at Any Number. 

A chosen card is found at a chosen number—it’s hard to get MORE direct than that. ALL the best methods for this effect use a memorized deck.

The good news is, if you’ve come this far…you’re all ‘set.’

In this subsection, we go over:

  • The 3 core methods for accomplishing this effect (I prefer the third method, but they’re all jaw-dropping)
  • How to get ANY card in ANY position while barely touching the cards (often, this part is completely ‘hands off’)
  • A simple tip that DOUBLES your chances of a ‘direct hit’
  • How to do all the ‘dirty’ work before the audience even realizes the effect has started (occasionally, you won’t need to do ANY ‘dirty work’)
  • All of my many methods to increase your ‘reach’ during this routine 
  • Why, in many cases, you don’t even NEED to perform the ACAAN (and what to do instead)
  • An audacious method for performing the ACAAN using a shuffled deck (I don’t expect many of you will use this, but you have to respect the ‘balls’ on it)
  • The ‘attitude’ you need to keep in mind while performing this (it doesn’t matter which method you use, you need THIS)
  • The Dale Carnegie secret to instantly ‘hooking’ your spectator so he literally can’t look away (using his own chemistry against him!)

BUT that’s just the first section of this module. 

We also discuss…

  • The ‘Running Back’ method for revealing TWO freely chosen cards in an impossible looking coincidence 
  • The ONE word that I recommend you keep in mind while performing ANY memorized deck routine (if you do this, you’ll be able to create stunning ‘off the cuff’ coincidences like they’re nothing)
  • How to make yourself LOOK like a banned-from-Vegas level card cheat…even if you have the sleight of hand skill of a wet paper towel
  • How to deal the best possible poker hands to any player (so easy you could do it in your sleep!)
  • The ‘three-step’ tool I use to visualize HOW the memorized deck allows you to deal such incredible poker hands with zero effort 
  • The secret to building a poker hand into a stack without anyone noticing (which, when you think about it, actually makes the whole routine MORE believable)
  • How to reset the stack after dealing poker hands with this simple formula
  • Why the humble ‘Word Search’ game is the perfect tool to decipher the Aronson stack
  • The ‘evolution’ of poker deals

The mind-expanding Quartet principle discovered by German magicians Pit Hartling and Denis Behr (that opens up a whole new world of memorized deck magic)

  • How to use the ‘Babylon Secret’ to master the Quartet principle in record time (the good news is, by this point, you already know the Babylon Secret, so it’s as simple as ‘recycling’ it)
  • How to force ANY Four of a Kind without looking at the faces of the cards!
  • An Alex Elmsley tip that allows us to count cards as we spread them—without making it obvious

My ‘Ambitious Quartet’ effect—that combines a unique Mnemonica property with Mr. Hartling’s Quartet principle to create an effect that looks like this:

Hartling’s Quartet principle to create an effect that looks like this: 

The spectator chooses a card. We attempt to perform the Ambitious Card Routine, but keep on getting thwarted by the Kings. 

Then, just when everything looks like it’s gone wrong…there’s a stunning ‘double whammy’ kicker ending. 

(this effect is so convincing, I even made JACOB think it really ‘went wrong’)

But that’s not the end of it.

We also discuss:

My ‘Jazz Quartet’—an effect that combines improvisation with the Quartet principle to create a ‘one of a kind’ experience.

In the Live Show, Jacob chose the 8 of Spades in one deck. 

He then ‘fed’ me words to spell—and each time I spelt one of the words, I landed on an 8.  

(out of all the effects in the course, this is hands down one of the most FUN to perform)

But there’s more fun to come…

We also discuss:

  • A simple timing force that works like gangbusters
  • How to ‘think on your feet’ and combine principles from previous modules to create knockout effects 
  • The Gilbreath Principle—quite possibly the only piece of ‘maths magic’ that actually FEELS like magic (I hate math tricks as much as the next magician, but this ain’t one of them)
  • An publication from Persi Diaconis that explains everything you need to know about the Gilbreath Principle
  • How to ‘amp up’ the power of this technique using a devious Simon Aronson idea (if you thought the ‘standard’ Gilbreath Principle was powerful, wait until you see this…)

My ‘Which Hand’ effect—a mouth-watering combination of ACAAN and the Gilbreath Principle.

The spectator shuffles, deals, and hides their cards—but you know things about their card (including WHERE they are in a second deck) before THEY even look at the card!

This module was definitely Jacob’s favorite up to this point, and I have a suspicion you’ll enjoy it too. 

But don’t worry, because it gets even better. 

Module 6 is all about… 

Module 6: How to Become a Creative Machine Pumping Out Original Effect after Effect—Even if You Don’t Have a Bone of ‘Creativity’ in Your Body—Using the Secret of the ‘Ghost Protocol!’

In this module, you'll discover...

    • Why ‘unconventional’ effects are often the most fooling, memorable and FUN to perform  
    • The Tom Cruise stunt that inspired me to ‘think differently’ with the memorized deck 
    • What you need to master BEFORE you can start being ‘unconventional’ (many people completely overlook this step, and wonder why they’re not getting the results they should be)
    • The biggest mistake most magicians make when they try to be ‘unconventional’ (and end up falling flat as a result)
    • A ‘deep dive’ on palming (and how to palm a card (even if you suck at sleight of hand)
    • The one thing to NEVER do while palming (if you do this, it’s a ‘red flag’ to audiences that something’s wrong)
    • A false shuffle I wasn’t planning on giving away…until Jacob convinced me to (a ‘casino style’ combination that looks incredible)
    • The sheer stupidity of learning a stack just to perform ACAAN (hear me out, and I think you’ll agree…)
    • The ‘One Room’ skyscraper that perfectly demonstrates just how little most magicians explore the potential of the memorized deck 
    • How to ‘merge’ other magic props and routines with the memorized deck (even if they have NOTHING in common at first glance)
    • Why it’s a GOOD idea to write down all your bad ideas (I first heard this from prolific creator and magic consultant Danny Garcia, and I couldn’t agree more)
    • The correct place to ‘start’ building your routine from (this isn’t the ‘definitive’ method, but it’s served me very well)
    • A Live ‘jam session’ between Jacob and I that spawned…



* An ‘Any Card At Any Number’ using a Rubik’s Cube

* The Color Changing Deck—featuring a simultaneously color changing Rubik’s Cube, and a ‘kicker’ card revelation to boot

(plus a couple sneaky ways to force a color)

* The ‘Chicago Opener’ featuring a pair of ‘sniffer dog’ sponge balls (this is, no joke, my new favorite variation on the classic)

* A ‘Which Hand’ routine featuring sponge balls, freely chosen cards, and a devastating ‘full circle’ revelation to end it

* How to ‘tap into’ ancient magic books for practically limitless new ideas—I do this in the module, and the result is…

* A stunning three-phase ‘Magician Vs Gambler’ routine that uses the memorized deck to make you look like a bona fide card mechanic (in reality, it’s incredibly easy)

* A color changing deck routine that starts with a freely named card changing color…before the whole deck follows suit!

* Over 10 knockout ‘duo’ effects sparked by a Jacob Daley idea found on Page 449 of Mnemonica, including…

* How to covertly communicate the identity of any named card to your partner over the phone (you don’t say a word, but they know the card with unerring accuracy!)

* An impossible card to wallet effect—they freely choose any card while your partner isn’t even IN THE ROOM, yet he manages to pull the chosen card from a wallet that’s been in plain view the entire time! (again, you say NOTHING!)

* An ‘elevator’ card trick (this won’t work for most of us, but the underlying idea is so audacious that I think you’ll have to laugh…)


* How to use the ‘Babylon Secret’ to communicate the identity of any named card to a partner…in a way that would fool even advanced stack users!

  • The ‘Inception Principle’—how to merge unconventional routines with the ‘fundamentals’ of powerful magic 
  • How to structure an entire memorized deck act (and the ‘unchanging’ factors of magic performance)
  • What you should NEVER do at the beginning of your show
  • How Darwin Ortiz recommends you end your act (I happen to agree)
  • The Derren Brown structure to ‘bake’ structure into your routines
  • How to adapt the ‘classics’ of magic to the memorized deck 
  • Why the memorized deck often makes the classics EASIER to perform 
  • A ‘walkthrough’ of how the memorized deck can apply to some of the strongest routines in magic, including…

* How to instantly strengthen the power of your Ambitious Card (you really don’t need to ‘change’ anything, just do this)

* A breathtaking Ambitious Card finale I picked up from Larry Wilmore (that I’ve never seen anywhere else)

* Why the Triumph routine is ‘primed’ to work with the memorized deck 

* How to perform Out Of This World immediately after the deck has been shuffled by the spectator 

* Dr Daley’s Last Trick…using ‘thought of’ cards (this routine was ALREADY one of the most powerful in magic—when we add the memorized deck to the mix, things get serious…)

*A subtlety from Chan Canasta that, when used alongside the classic Princess Card trick, allows you to actually DO what you SAY you’re doing (makes for a change, doesn’t it?) 

We covered a lot in Module 6, but we saved our BEST effect for the next module…

Module 7: My ‘Ultimate’ Effect: The Final Countdown

In this module, you'll discover...

The one creation I’m the MOST proud of. 

A hidden property of memorized decks that I’m not sure anyone has even thought about before—let alone turn into a fully fledged showstopper.   

I was very reluctant to ‘spill’ this one…but Jacob managed to convince me it would be a good idea. 

Now that it’s ‘out there’, I think he was right. 

Some of the early feedback we’ve been getting on it has been phenomenal. 

Here are a few reasons why magicians have been loving this so much:

  • A completely new effect (nobody’s seen anything quite this ambitious before)
  • The magic happens in the spectator’s hands!
  • They have a free choice 
  • It’s a real magician fooler
  • Fools them harder the more times you do it (yes, even if they’re a magician!)
  • The explanation is almost as good as the effect (so much fun to perform)
  • Contains deep lessons in time misdirection
  • It’s “Literally Insane” (to quote Jacob)

Folks, if this effect was the ONLY thing you got from this course…it would still be a great deal!

In fact, let’s ‘run the numbers’ on what you’re actually getting with your one-time payment:

1. The FULL Skyscraper Method

Shot over 7 days, the course runs at a whopping 21.33 hours.

If we were to coach you individually, at $50/hr, you’d be looking at $1066.50 for this kind of in-depth tutoring.

Now—don’t worry.

That’s not even CLOSE to what you’ll pay.

But before we get to that, let me introduce you to…

2. The Skyscraper Method—the book ($200 value)

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I’m one of the most prolific writers in magic—and this book, clocking in at over 100,000 words, is undoubtedly my biggest project yet.

This book is designed to be a perfect ‘companion’ to the course. We’ve dynamically integrated this book with the site, so you can access both the course and the book all in one place.

Now, I’m well aware that some magic books have absolutely STUNNING ideas…but they’re so darned hard to read, you completely skim past them.

(In fact, it’s a crying shame that so many magicians have no idea just how powerful (and FUN) the memorized deck is…simply because nobody’s actually sat down and explained it to them in a way that makes sense.)

This book is the best of both worlds—incredible effects I’ve never seen anywhere else, AND easy to read to boot. 

Some of the ideas explored in here are…well, I’ll just let you see for yourself 😉

And of course, it goes without saying that every single one of these 100,000+ words will be gifted to you for FREE when you join the Skyscraper Method.

But anyhow, that’s just the first bonus.

You’ll also be receiving…

3. 30 Days of Access to Our NEW Inner Circle ($120 value)

Here’s an exciting one…

You’re going to get exclusive ‘VIP’ access to our brand new Inner Circle.

As a member of the Inner Circle, you’ll receive exclusive effects each week—straight from our creative ‘lab.’

As a member of my brand new Inner Circle, you’ll get EVERYTHING. 

Think of it as a direct ‘tap’ into my mind—every effect, secret and technique I stumble upon will be gifted instantly and painlessly to you.  

(no holds barred—you’ll get the ‘crazy’ ideas, the ‘genius’ and everything in between)

Firstly, you’ll get access to all the Inner Circle content I’ve already put out. 


  • A lesson in creating a persona for your performances (insights gleaned from founders of the world’s most iconic companies—from Apple to Tesla)
  • My handling of the legendary Simon Aronson’s ‘Mismate’ (including how I use an idea from Pit Hartling to ‘supe up’ how clean this is).

A three-part ‘Weighing the Cards’ masterclass. In this iconic effect, your spectator cuts the deck ANYWHERE, and you can instantly tell them how many cards they’re holding. Over these 3 classes, I show you…

  • The ‘classic’ method for this effect, and why I have a problem with it
  • How to perform ‘Weighing the Cards’ with a deck the audience THINKS they shuffled
  • How to perform ‘Weighing the Cards’ after they really DO shuffle the deck (in fact, this method would even work with a borrowed deck!)

You’ll also get…

  • A method for ‘categorizing’ playing cards that is invisible to your audience but provides you with a plethora of devious methods
  • How to find any FREELY selected card after your spectators each shuffle half the deck and you shuffle their shuffled halves together (no false shuffles involved, each shuffle is legitimate!)
  • The ‘lovechild’ of Juan Tamariz and Paul Curry I’m calling ‘Totally Out of This World’ that is, frankly, slightly crazy but very fun to play with

And one of my favorite effects. Imagine this…

The spectator freely cuts the deck as many times as they like.

They then cut the deck and turn it face up on ANY card (no crimps or gimmicks of any kind).

Using the identity of the card they cut to, you count/spell to a random card—which turns out to be the exact MATE of their card.

The cards are immediately examinable. There’s zero force included. This works with ANY card in the deck.  

All of the above is immediately available to you as an Inner Circle member. But that’s just what’s ‘already there.’ 

See, every week going forward, I’ll send you new effects, training and exclusive audio tapes like this one. 

For example, over the coming weeks, I’ll show you

  • My handling of Juan’s ‘Neither Blind Nor Stupid’ that looks ‘invisible’ to laymen and magicians alike
  • The Dale Carnegie secret to instantly ‘hooking’ your spectator so he literally can’t look away (using his own chemistry against him!)
  • One of the most powerful effects in magic (that’s also one of the easiest!)
  • The simple little secret technique used by the best memorized deck performers that instantly ‘doubles’ the reach of this effect (so simple yet so many magicians overlook it)
  • How to perform this effect when you don’t know the spectator’s name—by using the Simpsons, of all things (it sounds bizarre, but works like a charm)

As a member of the Inner Circle, you’ll also get…

  • Exclusive interviews – whenever we interview the world’s best magicians on our podcast, we record a ‘bonus’ session just for our Inner Circle that goes deep into concepts and secrets we didn’t share in the main recording. 
  • A 24 hour ‘hotline’ to both Jacob and Benji (don’t tell the rest but… we get to your emails first everytime!) 

Once again, this is a FREE gift only—there’s no auto-rebill or anything like that. In fact, you don’t even need a credit card!

Just 30 days of memorized deck goodies.

Now, here’s another bonus we’ve lined up just for you…

4. 1-1 Coaching Call ($100 value)

Now, this is by no means a requirement, but for those that want to take us up on it, we’re offering you a FREE coaching call with the both of us—where we’ll be able to discuss in detail YOUR experience with the Skyscraper Method. 

The Full Package

So, when you combine everything you’re getting when you join the Skyscraper Method—that’s already stacking up to a cool $1586.50 in value.

(again—don’t worry, you won’t need to pay that…)

But let’s pause and consider, for a moment, what the real ‘cost’ of NOT using a memorized deck is…

Let’s suppose you really do decide to sit down at the card table and hammer away at the cards for 40 years.

At 1 hour of practice a day, you’re looking at 14,600 hours.

Now, if we assume the average wage is around $10/hr…

14,600 x $10 = $146,000!

So the real ‘time cost’ of opting for the card table could wind up in the region of hundreds of thousands.

So if the Skyscraper Method really DID cost $1500, it would still be a 90% discount on the alternative!

However, as I promised, that’s NOT your price.

Now, when we release this to the public (and we haven’t even settled on a firm date for that), they’ll have the chance to get all this material for just $297.

(already a steep discount.)

But, until later this week, we’re giving YOU the chance to get the entire course (PLUS bonuses) for just $97.

Now, I’d wager that some of you might still be feeling a little hesitant.

What if you join the Skyscraper Method but can’t memorize the deck?

Don’t worry.

We thought long and hard about ALL the possibilities, which is why we decided to offer you…

…an unconditional, ‘no questions asked’, 1-year guarantee!

That’s not a typo…

You have a full YEAR to try out this course.

If, at ANY point over the next year, you decide you didn’t get what you paid for, just shoot us an email and we’ll instantly refund you in full (no hassle, and no questions asked.)

Now, that in itself is pretty crazy.

(and the only reason we can be confident enough to offer this is because we know how solid this product is)

But we took it one step further.

Here’s are ‘bonus’ guarantee:

If you take the Skyscraper Method, and even after our in depth coaching, find that you can’t memorize the deck…

…we’ll work with you one-on-one until you CAN…

…or we’ll refund you in full!

You either memorize the deck and discover astonishing new effects you can start performing, or you don’t pay.

It’s that simple. 

How long does registration last?

Registration for the Skyscraper Method is currently OPEN.

As soon as our last email reaches your inbox, registration will be closed to you!

I strongly urge you to take advantage of our 1-year guarantee and take a ‘peek’ inside the course before it shuts for good on Sunday. 

Just like with the memorized deck itself—you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain

So hit the button that says ‘Secure Your Spot’ and I’ll see you on the inside!